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Originally known as ZDTV (Ziff Davis TV), ZDTV was later renamed to TechTV after it was purchased by Paul Allen in 2001. Later TechTV was renamed to G4TechTV after TechTV was purchased by Comcast on March 25, 2004, and was merged into G4. In February 2005, TechTV was dropped from the name and became G4. Then, in October 2006, Comcast folded G4 under E! and is now a division of NBCUniversal.

G4 was officially shut down on December 31, 2014, due to low ratings and low subscriber rates from DirecTV and other carriers. The http://www.g4tv.com website now directs to a G4TV on YouTube, a relaunch of G4 that came out in 2021. Comcast shut down the G4 network again on October 16, 2022.

Early G4TechTV shows

  • Anime Unleashed - A TV show that focuses on the sci-fi elements of anime.
  • Arena - A TV show where two teams compete against each other in three different computer or console games.
  • Attack of the Show - Formerly known as The Screen Savers, The Attack of the Show was a show about computers and technology.
  • Blister - A TV show that takes you behind the scenes of some of your most favorite games.
  • Cheat! - A TV show that focuses on tips, hints, and cheats on games.
  • Call for Help - A great show dedicated to helping people with their computers by taking live calls on the TV that was first hosted by Leo Laporte and Kate Botello.
  • Electronic Playground - A TV show that takes you behind the scenes of the gaming industry.
  • Eye Drops - A TV show showcasing the best animated shorts.
  • Filter - A TV show designed to help filter out all the best in games, gadgets, and pop culture.
  • Fresh Gear - A TV show that brings you the scoop on all the latest gadgets and features, including what's hot and what's not.
  • G4TV.com - A TV show dedicated to gaming, both computer gaming and console gaming.
  • Pulse - TV show that brings all the latest gaming news in a fast-paced manner.
  • Robot Wars - A TV show where contestants who have built a robot bring it to compete against other robots.
  • TSS (The Screen Savers) - Show first hosted by Leo Laporte that was a tech-themed variety show that became Attack of the Show. On May 2, 2015, Leo Laporte introduced The New Screen Savers on his TWiT network. You can find this show on YouTube and on the TWiT network.
  • Unscrewed with Martin Sargent - A TV show that showcases the darker, funnier, sexier world of technology and the Internet.
  • X-Play - A show on G4TV discussing video games, the good and the bad of each game, with some comedy added to the discussions. Primarily hosted by Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb.

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