Updated: 03/13/2021 by Computer Hope

A screen may refer to any of the following:

Computer monitor

1. The term screen describes the viewable portion of a display. For example, the part of the monitor or mobile device you are currently using to see this web page. The black edge around the screen is called the bezel. The picture shows an example of a flat-panel monitor with "ASUS" written across the screen.


When used as a noun, the term "screen" is synonymous with a computer "display" and "monitor."

2. A Linux command; see the screen command page for further information.

3. A screen is a description of how much space a window occupies on the viewable area of a display device. For example, when a window is in fullscreen, it is occupying the maximum available screen space.


When scrolling, it may be described as "one screen at a time," which indicates one full-screen length per scroll instead of one or a few lines at a time. For example, the PgUp often scrolls up one screen at a time, and PgDn scrolls down one screen at a time.

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