Today in computer history: July 1st

Below are technology and computer-related events that happened on July 1st of every year during the evolution of computers. July 1st is the 183th day of 2024, which is a leap year. There are 183 days left in the year from this day.

Gottfried Leibniz pictureJuly 1, 1646
378 years ago

Gottfried Leibniz was born, the German mathematician and philosopher and most prolific inventors of mechanical calculators. Died November 14, 1716 (Age: 70).

Fernando Corbato pictureJuly 1, 1926
98 years ago

Fernando Corbato was born, a computer scientist and pioneer of time-sharing operating systems that helped inspire Unix and other operating systems. Died July 12, 2019 (Age: 93).

Mark Tebbe pictureJuly 1, 1961
63 years ago

Mark Tebbe was born, a Professor at University of Chicago and co-founder of

Kim Komando pictureJuly 1, 1967
57 years ago

Kim Komando was born, host of an American talk radio program The Kim Komando Show which covers personal computers.

ComputerJuly 1, 1979
45 years ago

The Walkman portable audio player begins to be sold for the first time.

IntelJuly 1, 1979
45 years ago

Intel introduces the Intel 8088 processor.

CompanyJuly 1, 1981
43 years ago

Creative Technology was founded.

MovieJuly 1, 1991
33 years ago

The movie Terminator 2 was released.

ComputerJuly 1, 1996
28 years ago

Betrieve Technologies, Inc. changes its name to Pervasive Software Inc.

BankruptJuly 1, 2000
24 years ago

Number nine filed for bankruptcy.

ComputerJuly 1, 2004
20 years ago

COPPA goes into effect.

BankruptJuly 1, 2009
15 years ago

CompuServe was shut down.

GoogleJuly 1, 2013
11 years ago

The RSS Atom reader Google Reader was discontinued.

CompanyJuly 1, 2019
5 years ago

NetComm was acquired by Casa Systems, Inc.

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